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Hotel Furnishing Service by ARABIAN OASIS LTD CO

ARABIAN OASIS LTD CO  is a pioneer in the field of hotel furnishing and hospitality. We provide a comprehensive solution for equipping and designing hotel interiors with a unique style that meets customer expectations and creates a distinctive experience for guests. The company relies on many years of experience and professionalism to achieve the highest levels of quality and elegance in designing and furnishing hotel rooms and public areas.

Room Furnishings:

Hotel rooms are the true center of accommodation in any hotel, and therefore, they must be comfortable and appealing to guests. Arabian Oasis offers a variety of specially designed furniture and furnishings to meet the needs of hotels, including:

  • Comfortable Beds: Hotel beds are carefully designed to ensure maximum comfort for guests. Quality and durability are essential, and materials are selected carefully to achieve this.

  • Luxurious Beddings: Furnishings can add a touch of elegance and luxury to hotel rooms. The company offers a wide range of options in various colors and styles to suit different hotel preferences.

  • Custom Furniture: Furniture can be custom-designed to precisely meet the room’s requirements. This includes room furniture, wooden, metal, and glass furniture, among other options.

Reception Area Furnishings:

A hotel’s reception area is the first point of contact for guests with the hotel environment, so it must be welcoming and splendid. Arabian Oasis provides excellent options for furnishing reception areas in a unique style, including:

  • Luxurious Reception Furniture: Hotel reception furniture can reflect elegance and professionalism. The company offers a variety of furniture with contemporary and classic designs.

  • Artistic Decorations: Decorations can be tailored to match the hotel’s style and enhance the guest experience. Artistic touches will add a unique character to the reception area.

  • Distinctive Accessories: Distinctive hotel accessories include the final touches that complete the overall design. These accessories include lighting, paintings, carpets, curtains, flowers, and more.

Decorations and Accessories:

Decorations and accessories contribute to adding a personal touch to the hotel and defining its identity. Arabian Oasis offers a variety of decorations and accessories to meet customer needs, including:

  • Distinctive Wall Decor: Wall decorations can make the hotel stand out and be unique. The company provides custom designs for walls, including artistic paintings, murals, and wallpaper.

  • Exceptional Lighting: Lighting plays a significant role in creating the ideal atmosphere for the hotel. The company offers innovative solutions for interior and exterior lighting.

  • Indoor Flowers and Plants: Indoor flowers and plants add a natural and aesthetic touch to the hotel. The company can provide suitable flowers and plants and maintain them regularly.

Attention to Detail:

Arabian Oasis Limited’s expertise lies in paying attention to the finest details. The company always aims to provide a comprehensive service that covers every aspect of hotel furnishing. The attention to detail ensures that the guest’s experience in the hotel is unforgettable.

Custom Consultation and Execution:

Arabian Oasis Limited collaborates with each client to precisely understand their needs and provides a customized solution that aligns with their vision. The company ensures that every project is executed with care to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction.


Hotel furnishing is a vital part of the guest experience, and Arabian Oasis Limited is committed to providing a comprehensive and unique solution that meets customer expectations. With a focus on quality, details, and professionalism, Arabian Oasis can be a trusted partner in furnishing your hotel and making the guest experience unforgettable.

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