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ARABIAN OASIS LTD CO is a leading company that operates in the field of supplying, designing, and installing a wide range of high-quality and diverse products for various construction and decoration sectors.

We take pride in being the best company in providing services and products of high quality that are locally and internationally accredited. The company has a strong reputation and a prestigious position in the market, serving as agents for global factories in Arab countries, India, China, and the Russian Federation. Additionally, we have partnerships with various factories around the world.

In the Gulf market, we distinguish ourselves by ensuring that all our products adhere to international quality standards. The company has acquired new certifications in quality management systems.

Our company is dedicated to meeting the demands of our customers with professionalism. We provide technical, technological, and design support to our clients across all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

1. Diverse Range of Products:
We offer a wide variety of products to meet the needs of different clients. From cladding panels and parquet flooring to HPL panels and security glass, we provide an exceptional selection that allows customers to choose products that align with their requirements.

2. Quality and Standards Compliance:
Our products are characterized by high quality and adherence to the highest international standards. We ensure the delivery of durable and excellently performing products, contributing to the success of our clients’ projects.

3. Customization of Products:
Recognizing the importance of individually addressing each client’s needs, we offer product customization services according to the designs and requirements of each project.

4. Expertise and Professionalism:
We pride ourselves on having a qualified and experienced team that operates efficiently and professionally. We provide continuous technical and technological support to our clients, assisting them in selecting suitable products and achieving their project goals.

5. Uniqueness and Innovation:
We constantly strive to deliver unique and innovative products that add a touch of distinction and beauty to our clients’ projects. We embrace modern designs and blend them with high quality to achieve the best results.


To become leaders in our field and one of the most desired and trusted companies in providing innovative engineering and technological solutions. This will be achieved by excelling and innovating in all aspects of our work, and delivering high-quality services.


We strive to achieve the satisfaction of our clients by providing innovative and reliable engineering solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. We work passionately and diligently to attain excellence and offer high-quality services that contribute to the success of their projects and endeavors.


Our goal is to achieve sustainable growth and continuity in providing distinguished engineering and technological solutions, while building fruitful relationships with our clients. We are committed to developing an exceptional and dedicated team that contributes to the achievement of our objectives.

Contact us today to inquire about our services and how we can creatively and innovatively meet the needs of your projects.

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Specializing in providing premium commercial cladding panels, our company offers top-quality sales and installation services for the finest cladding panels in the world to our valued clients.

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