Supplying materials for aluminum works.

Specialized in supplying all aluminum works materials.

ARABIAN OASIS LTD CO​, we strive to provide the best services related to the field of supplies, especially in the realm of aluminum works.

We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality materials that adhere to the latest international standards and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With us, you can work on designing and installing everything related to high-quality aluminum works that suit you, meeting your aspirations and needs.

Supply Services for Aluminum Works:

Al Wahat ARABIAN OASIS LTD CO specializes in providing top-quality supply services for all aluminum-related projects.

With our extensive experience and commitment to global and local standards, we offer exceptional supply services to cater to various aluminum needs.

Here, we can elaborate on and describe the supply services for all aluminum-related requirements from


We have a strong track record and high professionalism in delivering supply services for aluminum works through our team at Al

Wahat Al ARABIAN OASIS LTD CO, where we focus on:

1. Offering a Comprehensive Range of Products:

We provide a wide range of diverse aluminum products, ranging from windows, doors, and building facades to fences and barriers.

We ensure the supply of products that precisely meet your project requirements according to specified specifications.

2. Commitment to Quality Standards:

Quality is a fundamental factor in everything we do.

We strictly adhere to international quality standards, ensuring the delivery of high-quality and exceptionally durable products.

3. Customization of Products:

We understand that each project has its unique requirements. Therefore, we offer customized product services based on your needs and unique designs.

4. Compliance with Saudi Arabian Standards:

We adhere to the standards set by relevant authorities in Saudi Arabia. We provide products that align with local standards and regulations to ensure your project’s compliance with local requirements.

Benefits of Our Supply Services:

Quality and Durability:

We use high-quality aluminum materials to ensure the durability and sustainability of the projects.
Custom Design:
We offer customized design services that align with your needs and preferences.
Professionalism and Precision:
Our specialized team ensures the execution of projects with the highest levels of professionalism and precision.

Advantages of Dealing with Al Wahat Al ARABIAN OASIS LTD CO:

Diversity and Customization:

The company offers a diverse range of aluminum products and customizes them to suit your project’s requirements.

High-Quality Services and Materials:

We provide excellent quality products and materials to ensure excellent long-term performance.

Compliance with Standards:

We guarantee compliance with both international and local standards, ensuring your project’s alignment with required regulations.

Our Supply Services encompass:

1. Aluminum Windows:

We design and install durable and elegant aluminum windows that provide natural lighting and ventilation for your homes and offices. We use high-quality materials that ensure thermal and sound insulation and sustainability.

2. Aluminum Doors:

We offer a variety of aluminum door designs that meet aesthetic and security requirements. Whether you need interior or exterior doors, we provide optimal solutions through innovative designs and reliable performance.

3. Shutter Works:

We offer efficient and durable shutter design and installation services. Shutters not only enhance security and protect buildings from weather elements but also add a modern and aesthetic touch to the structure.

Contact Us Now for More Information About Aluminum Works Supply Services:

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Al Wahat ARABIAN OASIS LTD CO is the perfect partner to meet your aluminum works requirements. Contact us today for consultation and to learn about our services and how we can best meet your project needs.

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